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“Morality makes a prosper state and virtue makes a decent man”, this phrase which stresses the importance of kindness no matter to the cultivation of a person’s character or to the long-term peace of a country was put out by President Xi Jinping during his filed trip to the family mansion of Kong and the Confucius Research Institute in Qufu, Shandong province in 2013.


A man cannot succeed and live a fulfilled life without virtue.


Meanwhile, a state cannot remain peace and prosperity without morality.


A moral state requires noble citizens. Thus, a country can only thrive when its people are equipped with virtue.


Chinese intellectuals have always value the cultivation of morality.


“Self-cultivation, family harmony, country management and world peace”, our ancient wisdom attached great attention to intellectuals’ responsibility to the country and society which can be interpreted as their “virtue”.


However, the “virtue” represents the social responsibility of “national primacy” in contemporary China which also calls for the efforts of generations’ Chinese.


To sum up, the phrase “Morality makes a prosper country and virtue makes a decent man” can be understood as a new era’s pursuit for spiritual strength.


President Xi said that “Our core values are actually ‘virtues’, it is not only the virtue of individuals, but also the virtue of state and society in a wider range” during his inspection to Peking University on Youth Day on May 4, 2014.


The core socialist values which inherit the spiritual pursuit of “national primacy” of ancient Chinese intellectuals, represent the Chinese people’s ideals and convictions that shaped by enormous endeavor since modern times, moreover, carry all the glorious vision of a harmonious society are the mental strength for contemporary Chinese to strive.


Nowadays, in order to enhance the spiritual power of perseverance, our country must practice the core socialist values and improve the moral level of Chinese society.


At first, we should not fail to see that education is the cornerstone of people’s internal cultivation.


Secondly, law is the indicator of moral norms and civilization in the society, thus, together with related institutions, it plays an important role as the guarantee to stabilize the moral foundation of the society.


The last but not the least, it takes the efforts of all Chinese people to construct the moral skyscraper, each of us must become the learner and practitioner of social morality.


Kant has said: “Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awe, the more often and steadily we reflect upon them: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me”.


Similarly, the sentence “Morality makes a prosper state and virtue makes a decent man” does not only stress that “morality” is fundamental to a person, but also reveal the significance of the spiritual strength to a state and to a nation.


Only under the circumstance of everyone continually going forward on the path of pursuing patriotism, observance of law, and morality that each person, can our community and our country as a whole remain full of hope.