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标签:劳神 i6gm 新电玩捕鱼注册送分

  本文摘要:英语六级考试网: 本文为一篇议论文, 可按两种不同观点来写, 或喜欢居住在大城市, 或喜欢居住在乡村。本文持后一种观点。全文以避免交通高峰开始, 以 回归自然结束, 主体部分历数居住在大城市的种种弊病, 论据充分而真实。 living in a large modern city or...

      本文为一篇论文, 可按两种不同观点来写, 或喜欢居住在大城市, 或喜欢居住在乡村。本文持后一种观点。全文以“避免交通高峰”开始, 以“ 回归自然”结束, 主体部分历数居住在大城市的种种弊病, 论据充分而真实。

living in a large modern city or in the country?   

喜欢居住在大城市, 或喜欢居住在乡村   

"avoid the rush-hours" must be the slogan of large cities the world over. whe rever you go, especially at week-ends or on holidays, you'll find that the tr ains a re packed, streets crowded, buses queued, restaurant tables shared. moreover, the smallest unforeseen event like a power-cut, an exceptionally heavy snowfall or rainfall can bring about conditions of utterinconvenience and chaos.   

city-dwellers are obliged by their environment to adopt a wholly unnatural way of life. theylose touch with nature and all the simple, good things of life like sunshine and f resh air atapremium . tall buildings block out the sun. traffic fumes pollute the atmosphere. the flow oftraffic goes on unceasingly and the noise never stops.   

the funny thing about it all in a large modern city is that you pay dearly for the "privilege" ofliving. the demand for accommodation is so great that it is of ten impossible for ordinarypeople to buy a house/flat of their own. furthermore, the cost of living is very high. just abouteve rything you buy is likely to be more expensive than it would be in the country.   

in addition, city-dwellers live under constant threat. the crime rate in most cities is very high. houses are often burgled. cities breed crime and violence and are full of places you would beafr aid to visit at night. if you think about it, they are not really fit to live in at all. can anyonereally doubt that the country is what man was born for and where he truly belongs?




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